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Quiting Smoking Articles

1: Can the Damage From Smoking Be Healed
While it is true that smoking releases dopamine that causes a mild euphoria and also helps you to relax - the characteristic that you need to for certain be asking yourself is whether or not you need smoking in order to be able to feel happy and also relax!
Smokers continue to smoke at best insofar as they feel that they need to. The general feeling is that if they were to stop smoking they'd end up feeling more down, less happy, more stressed out, and so on.

2: Electronic cigarettes- give them a go
There probably is not a person on the planet who doesn't know how harmful tobacco can be and the many adverse effects they can have on the health of smokers and the people around them. Diseases such as lung cancer and heart disease are directly linked to the smoking of tobacco cigarettes. That is why electronic cigarettes are a breath of fresh air for smokers around the world.

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