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1: Americans Unite Return Government to the People
If you are now tired of what the government does with your money you can do something about it, says a provocative new website working to give the power back to the people. Voter says there are four simple things you can do to take back your government from corporate lobbyists, special interest groups and dishonest politicians.

2: Want To Emigrate To Australia?
About a quarter of people living in Australia at the moment were born in a country other than Australia, and over 100,000 people emigrate to the country annually. It's popular with those looking to move to a new country because of the opportunities and lifestyle found there.

3: Top Tips On How To Teach Business English
People start learning English for a variety of reasons, but one of the most in demand styles of English language instruction is business English. Many business people decide to learn English as a way to broaden their business interests overseas or as a way to get promoted within their current companies.

4: Be Prepared For Immigration Interview Questions - Find Out Now
If you are applying for a spousal visa for the United States, you will be asked to submit to an interview with the immigration officers. These interviews are notoriously tough and you must be well prepared for immigration interview questions.

5: How To Get Your Foreign Spouse A K3 Visa
The k3 nonimmigrant visa is the mechanism by which a spouse (including minor children of that spouse) of a US citizen can be admitted to the United States as nonimmigrants. The k3 visa is for those that are currently waiting for their permanent residence application to be processed. The ultimate goal is for the family to be able to reside together in the United States.

6: Interactive English Courses Increase Interest
Regardless of the subject matter and the age group of the student, interactive teaching tends to work best. In today's technology driven and information based world, most interactive learning is done via computers. This can take many formats, such as:

7: How to Ease your Job Search Process with Resumes and Cover Letters
The purpose of the resume and cover letter is to make the job search process quicker and easier. In order to make your job search much easier and increase your chances of securing your dream job, you have to think of the resume as a marketing tool and you are the product that is being sold.

8: Top 8 Questions Most Frequently Asked By Immigrants To Canada On How The Immigration Process Works.
Is it mandatory for an immigrant to participate in an interview with the visa office? Not necessarily. It is up to the appropriate Canadian immigration authority to decide whether they would like to interview you or not. The nature of the file and the credentials of the applicant will play a big role in the decision of the Canadian visa office abroad. For example, an immigrant showing a diploma from a very reputable school and work experience from a major firm will most likely be exempted from the interview. Entrepreneurs and Investors will have to do the interview every time because the Canadian visa officer will want to assess their ability to manage a business and see if they meet the requirements. Why should I engage an immigration lawyer to represent me?

9: Make Use Of Second Citizenship.
A second citizenship is similar to a global insurance policy, which offers the benefits of traveling and utilizing the services offered by two countries. It gives you the benefits of greater travel safety, expanding your legal rights and much easier access to living overseas. These are some of the acceptable reasons to take into consideration a second passport. In addition, a dual citizenship can help you lower your expenses on taxes.

10: Emigrating To Australia - Using A Migration Agent
Australian migration agents are the topic of this installment of our guide to emigrating to Australia...

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