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Paul Smith: Now dressing professional athletes

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by: paulsmithonlineshop
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The American Olympians won't be the only athletes rocking designer duds a la Ralph Lauren this summer.

Manchester United Football Club has tapped Paul Smith to design the teams formal wear and accessories for the next three years.

The quirky cool brand will supply Manchester United playing staff and officials for all domestic matches, European Cup campaign and pre-season tours -- with the first design set to make its debut at next week's Champions League final in Moscow.

On the sporty collaboration, the designer says: "We were very privileged to be asked to make the suits; the suit is a two button slim navy 100% mohair with specially designed lining with red panels and striped piping.

The team crest has been made from gold and silver thread and is sewn to the top pocket to give a club blazer feel. As we are famous for stripes we decided on a tie with diagonal stripes in optimistic colors, designed exclusively for the team. It is worn with a white shirt and we have made a special belt which has the crest printed inside on the tip. Finally, we have supplied luggage for the team in a striped fabric inspired by traditional English suiting."

While we love this little union, we always imagined the colorful personalties of the Manchester United team wearing something more sexy, like an Italian label. Could you imagine Cristiano Ronaldo in a gorgeous bespoke Dolce & Gabbana suit? Swoon.

There are only a handful of household names in the fashion world and Paul Smith is one of them, having built up his company on an international stage. He was born in 1946 in Nottingham, England and opened his first shop there in 1970, later opening others in London. The shops gave him the opportunity to showcase his designs and his label became much sought after.

Currently, the company retails twelve different collections, including Paul Smith Women and Paul Smith Jeans. The R.Newbold line is exclusive to Japan, where the designer is very popular. Other collections are for shoes, watches, pens, furniture and perfume. The company is firmly rooted in Europe with manufacturing operating in the UK and Italy. Fabrics are of the highest standard and are mostly sourced from suppliers in Britain, France and Italy.

The range of men and women's fashion is noted for its blend of traditional and modern design. One of his most popular designs is a pinstripe accompanied by colored stripes. In fact, stripes are a common sight on Smith's clothes and his line of multi-colored socks are a favorite item with his customers. His other, more controversial, feature is the use of an image of a nude woman concealed on cuff links etc. The menswear is marketed at the men who are fortunate enough to be tall and of slender build.

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