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HTC Evo Accessories

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The HTC EVO 4G is a very powerful device that can download music, videos, photos and other files within a few seconds. The phone lends itself well for creating and streaming videos, while giving the option to upload them. It is possible to create a hotspot using this phone and share the power with family and friends - up to a maximum of eight Wi-Fi enabled devices can use the hotspot. The set is complimented with numerous accessories.

One of the most important accessories is a case and there is a large variety available to choose from. There's a horizontal case, which s constructed with leather looking materials that give it a shock absorbing feature. The case has a magnetic-catch flap and a belt clip to secure it easily. Another type of a case is crafted from hard, yet bendable material that provides all the protection without adding excess weight. This particular case is made of two pieces which interlock. The top and bottom parts of the case fit the phone perfectly. The soft touch finish is excellent without being a magnet for lint. The original black (OEM) pieces have felt lining on the inside to protect the Evo as it is placed inside the case. The best feature of the case is that it does not interfere with any of the ports, kickstand, or buttons. This makes the phone easy to use while inside the case.

The screen protector is essential for protecting the phone's screen. These are designed to fit the phone's screen perfectly. There is no need to deal with adhesives as the screen is easy to install and is especially cut. The material of the screen protector is graded a 3H hardness, thus giving the screen the ultimate scratch protection. There is a cut-out for the speaker while the home, menu, back, and search buttons are protected yet easily accessed.

There are also a large number of accessories you might to look at that will add a lot more customization to you phone. There is the memory card to increase the storage capacity of the phone, so favorite music and photos can be accessed easily at all times. A car kit allows the phone to be mounted safely and conveniently in the car windows or the dashboard. This allows the phone to be used conveniently while driving, without having to worry about it falling and sliding under a seat.

The issue is not whether OEM accessories, as the quality of either of those marketing techniques does not compromise the quality of the accessory being bought. The only difference is in the price. The purpose of the accessories is to prolong the life and help maintain the condition of the phone and this purpose is served regardless of the origin of the product.

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