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Baseball Articles

1: Rules of Baseball Game, Origin of Baseball Game
Once you have an understanding of hitting the ball and running, it is useful to know all the rules of the game of baseball. To fully understand the game of baseball you need to know about more than peanuts and Cracker Jacks "as the song implies

2: Notable Free Agent Acquisitions In The Off Season For MLB Teams
While we're in the midst of a lag between baseball seasons, there's been a considerable amount of action worth discussing. With a number of exciting names in the mix, this should come as no surprise.

3: Fantasy Baseball Leagues Are Fun
Fantasy Baseball Leagues are fun and many people are extremely passionate about them. If you have any interest at all you shouldn't hesitate to educate yourself on this very popular past-time. With this type of baseball, you can form your own league, or choose to join one already formed. It takes at least ten or twelve teams to make up a league. But you can also have as many as 24 in a league.

4: Batting Cages - A Vital Tool To Help Develop A Skill
Baseball has been America's pastime since the sport was started. Baseball is a game played on a diamond with 2 teams of 9 players and one ball. A pitcher pitches to the batter and the batter hits the ball hoping to score runs. Batting skills are a pivotal skill in baseball as the only time a team can score runs in baseball is by hitting the ball.

5: Who Will Win the NL Cy Young Award?
The 2009 National League Cy Young race is an interesting situation. There are at least two pitchers who make definitive cases for the coveted award, and choosing the winner will be a difficult decision for those forced to vote.

6: The Most Meaningful Athletes of the Past One Hundred Years
We'll always favor the athletes who have made more recent impacts, as these are the ones who've affected our lives. Still, there have been many hugely influential athletes from the past, and I've done my best to include them here.

7: Learning to Pitch a Softball
In today's game, there are tons of different pitches out there. Softball pitching starts with the usual fastball, which of course is straight. You also have the changeup, which is often called the backhand, horseshoe, or circle change in softball throwing. Then of course the "slowed" down pitch is another option. We could go on and on talking about curveballs, dropballs, peeldrops, rise balls, and everything else imaginable. The best thing about the names in softball pitching is most of them do what they say.

8: Why the MLB is Backwards
After Tuesday night's dugout clearing brawl between the Toronto Blue Jays and the New York Yankees, the MLB gave penalties to the 2 foremost figures - Jorge Posada and Jesse Carlson. For their role in Tuesday night's brawl, Posada and Carlson both got 4-game suspensions. Their suspensions were lowered to three games since neither Posada nor Carlson appealed the penalty.

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